Travel Diary: 24 hours in Iceland

I just got back from my European vacation last week.  It was a whirlwind trip and we made stops in Iceland, Paris, and London.

While I was researching plane tickets I noticed that IcelandAir had some of the lowest fares for flights to Europe.  All of their flights stop in Iceland on the way to/from Europe.  To promote tourism in Iceland you can extend your layover when you fly there by up to 7 days without paying for any additional airfare.  That sealed the deal for me, i’m always down to add another stamp to my passport.

We took a red eye from Dulles to Reykjavik and we landed at 6AM in Iceland.  The suns was just beginning to rise and the landscape was beautiful.



We started our trip by exploring Reykjavik….


We got our luggage and headed to the Flybus desk.  Flybus offers a bus service to the Reykjavik BSI bus terminal for around $16 US per person.  Reykjavik is about a 45 min bus ride from the airport.  We stored our luggage at the BSI bus terminal while we went exploring.



I stopped in a coffee shop and learned about thier national dish, sheeps head.  #nothanks


The first thing we had to do was find breakfast.  Most of the restaurants in Reykjavik were closed when we arrived at 8 AM. we walked around for awhile and eventually we found one.


They offered a very generous breakfast that we split between 2 people for around $15.


After we finished eating we headed towards the Main Attraction, Hallgrímskirkja, which is one of the coolest looking church’s i’ve ever seen.




The view inside…



and the view from the top…




After this we headed back to the Bus terminal to get our luggage and to head to the Blue Lagoon.   I believe the bus to the lagoon cost around $15 per person.  I was ridiculously jet-lagged so I took a nap on our way to the lagoon and woke up to this…



We stayed in the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel.  The hotel has a clinic for people with skin issues like psoriasis, but they keep 15 rooms set aside for tourists.  They also have their own private lagoon that hotel guests can use from 8-10am and 8-10pm.



We explored the hotel for a bit. This is the view of our room…


Lava fields forever…




The hotel is a short 10 minute walk to the main lagoon…






They give you silica mud masks to put on your face….


By the time I came back from the main lagoon it was after 8, So I got an inner tube and hung out in the clinic’s private lagoon until 10.

I was hoping to see the northern lights while we were there, but it wasn’t in the forecast.  I overheard someone who said that they had seen them the night before. Hopefully I will get to see them the next time I visit.

We woke up at 4AM the next morning to catch our 7AM flight to Paris.  The hotel laid out one of the best continental breakfasts i’ve ever had just for us to eat before we left.

Overall, I would say that Iceland was surprisingly one of the best travel experiences i’ve ever had.  I’m pretty sure I will stop there every time I go to Europe.

Is there anything else you would like to know about Iceland?

Feel free to ask any questions below, I’d be happy to answer them!

P.S. stay tuned for my Paris & London travel diaries.

All pictures were take by Me and My Love using a Nikon D5100 or an Iphone 4s,  additional photos can be found on My Flickr.





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