My Take on Anthropologie’s New Arrivals July 2013

Anthropologie updated their website with some new arrivals for July, and I think I’m in love!  I used to be an Anthro enthusiast a few years ago.  I wanted to buy everything they released, and I waited patiently for all of my favorite items to go on sale.  Then one day something happened, I don’t know if it was them or me.  Suddenly their clothes weren’t as appealing to me, and I felt like they no longer fit my aesthetic.  I stopped purchasing their clothes.  I sold off all of my old Anthro clothes on eBay and discovered new places to shop.  I still went into Anthropologie every so often to take a peek at their housewares, but I couldn’t find clothes that I liked in their store anymore. Then, it happened.

Anthropologie Sugared Lattice Blouse and Astral Swing Skirt Cover Shot July 2013 Stylist Fashion Personal Blogger
Sugared Lattice Blouse//
Astral Swing Skirt

 I came home a few days ago and the Anthropologie monthly catalog was waiting for me per usual.  I had been ignoring their offerings for so long, but the cover image for the July catalog spoke to me.

I went through the catalog and looked at their new stuff online and I found so much stuff that I NEED. Here are a few of my favorites….

Elysian Lace Top

Elysian Lace Top anthropologie July 2013 Stylist Personal

Calvi Lacework Shorts
(On Sale!)

Calvi Lacework Shorts Anthropologie July 2013 Personal Stylist Picks

Deja Dot Dress

Deja Dot Dress Anthropologie July 2013 stylist personal fashion blogger

Embroidered Verity Tunic

Embroidered Verity Tunic July 2013 Shirtdress Anthropologie Stylist Fashion Picks Personal Washington DC

Dayflora Stitched Skirt

Dayflora Stitched Skirt Anthropologie july 2013 stylist top picks personal Washington dc

Lumine Dot Blouse

Lumine Dot Blouse Anthropologie July 2013 Stylist Top Picks Personal Washington DC Image Consultant

Cassis Peasant Top

Cassis Peasant Top Anthropologie July 2013 Stylists Top Picks Washington Dc personal Fashion Image COnsultant

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic Isabelle Thomas Parisian Fashion Personal Stylist

The Stylist’s Guide to NYC

The stylist Guide to NYC Sibella Court Personal Stylist July 2013 Anthropologie Picks

Is my love for Anthro here to stay, if so I just might be in trouble.

What are some of your favorite things from Anthro’s current offerings?


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